Our Metal Polish Rocks!

When it comes to cleaning, polishing, and protecting metal surfaces, our newly introduced, easy-to-use, solvent-based Metal Polish can be used on tarnished metals and other scratch-resistant surfaces.

With a unique, non-dusting formulation that is easy to buff and effective on even the most tarnished of surfaces, our Metal Polish restores chrome, brass, copper, aluminium and steel to their former glory. Using fine and coarse abrasives, it really is a must-have within your motorcycle care regime.


Now, you can take your polishing game to the next level. Use our Metal Polish with the brand new Muc-Off Polishing Ball, a bit of kit that allows you to complete even the toughest, knuckle-busting polishing jobs with ease.

Simply attach to any standard drill and achieve fantastic polishing results like never before, even in the hardest to reach places, faster and more effective than hand polishing. This Polishing Ball drill attachment keeps its versatility and rigidness, whilst harnessing the full power of your electric drill to give your motorbike a shiny metal finish!