Your helmet is probably the most important piece of equipment a motorcycle rider can own (apart from the bike itself!) However, many of us neglect this important piece of kit when it comes to bike maintenance.

Just follow these simple tips on how keep your lid looking pristine and safe.


Drops and bumps can cause damage to your helmet beyond the naked eye, so don’t be tempted to take the risk when it comes to helmet safety. Consult specialist advice if your helmet has been involved in a bump, a fall or a crash.


Motorcycle helmets aren’t cheap, and it might be tempting to purchase one second hand. This practise should be avoided, as it’s difficult to tell without specialist inspection whether your helmet has been cared for properly by the previous owner.

Many helmets are made with a polystyrene inner layer and, when buying second-hand, it’s difficult to tell whether this polystyrene has been compressed, broken or damaged under the outer shell. A damaged helmet could be potentially fatal in an accident; the only way to have peace of mind is to buy one brand-new.


After buying your new helmet, the first thing many of us want to do is cover our brand-new helmet with our favourite stickers. With some fibre glass helmets this is not a problem, however Polycarbonate helmets, the glue on some stickers will deteriorate the plastic. Always check the adhesive on the back of the sticker before attaching it to your sticker to your helmet.


Whilst the outside of your helmet might look the grubbiest, your inside liner picks up more dirt and bacteria than you might think! Textiles are not sterile and can harbour a high bacterial count, including bacteria transmitted from the skin, which can eventually lead to microbial spoilage and textile deterioration. To combat this, spray the inside of your helmet with our Foam Fresh. Its instant foaming action gently agitates dirt and grime away from the surface, leaving a fresh citrus burst fragrance. Lovely!

You can also spray our specially formulated Visor, Lens and Goggle Cleaner all over the outside of your helmet, to really make it shine. Use our Helmet and Visor Microfiber Cloth to gently wipe away any excess liquid whilst simultaneously polishing for a nice, shiny finish. Our Visor, Lens and Goggle Cleaner is fully biodegradable and completely safe to use on all lens materials, including polycarbonate.

Finally, make sure to use our Anti-Fog treatment to ensure your goggles or visor stays fog-free. Using cutting edge moisture absorption technology, our Anti-Fog treatment lasts up to five days. To apply, make sure the area is clean and contaminant free. Shake the bottle to activate the formula before spraying a light mist of treatment onto the surface of your goggles or visor and gently wipe with a dry piece of tissue.